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Här pratar vi riktiga props! Saker som varit med i filmerna och inte är replikas.

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Postby dvdbirger » 16:01 28-09-2005

is this real props?

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Re: elstreeprops.com

Postby noonien » 11:15 20-05-2007

dvdbirger wrote:is this real props?


I know them, and have been in contact with them through Ebay. It is not screenused props, but just cusom made props. Some are pretty good though.
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Postby Darth Lars » 13:10 20-05-2007

I believe they have sold some production-used props, yes, but they have also been known to sell their own custom-made replicas under the claim that those too would be production-used props.

Only this week at another forum, I had to tell the truth to a guy who wanted to sell castings off "a screen-used Star Wars blaster".
He had been told that the master (which inself was a resin cast) was a production-used piece from Star Wars '97. "But I have all of this paperwork from Elstreeprops claiming it to be the real deal!". I was sorry to let him down.
The "master" was inself a resin cast of a replica, made from known replica parts, such as the Denix Mauser replica. The flash hider and some greeblies hade been custom-made and sold by another collector I know a few years ago. (with some inaccuracies to the real thing, that we knew how to spot)
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